Instructions for Border Crossing

Instructions for Border Crossing explores the violence of borders in our unstable world. How far is it necessary to go in order to make a difference? When is it ok to do nothing?

A twelve-year-old girl sneaks across the border of her own country. Her parents watch her on a computer screen. The works of a half-forgotten performance artist seem to hold the key to bringing down a brutal system operating on our behalf and under our noses. Do you join in? Or do you look the other way?

Formally, the show combines experimental storytelling with a highly-activated audience. Two volunteers discuss their fears over a game of jenga. Another provides the lighting for the next scene, a third produces the sound with an effects microphone and a fan. The entire audience voices a hostile border guard and an individual stands up in defiance of authority. The result is the exposed gearbox of a political thriller.


Instructions for Border Crossing will be performed at the York Theatre Royal Studio on Wednesday 23 May from 7.45pm. The production was written by Daniel Bye, who will also be taking on the starring role. Directed by Alec Swift.

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Instructions for Border Crossing will be performed at York Theatre Royal Studio on Wednesday 23 May 2018.