Home Wrecked – Try What You Want, Just Make Sure It Works

Home Wrecked are a rising pop punk band from the industrial shores of Sheffield, with Try What You Want, Just Make Sure It Works being their second EP release, after their debut When All Goes Wrong was released way back in 2016.

By Jane Howkins

The band have certainly stayed well within the pop-punk genre here, but it’s interesting to hear how they have evolved since their last release, with elements of other styles coming through in full force. Drummer Ben Hinchcliffe recently stated that the band had a lot of different influences apart from the natural pop-punk ones, and that’s something that can certainly be heard throughout the EP, marking Home Wrecked apart from the crowd.

The lead single from the EP is first track Moving Day, which has something of emo/alt-rock feel to it, with quite a slow intro for a typical pop-punk single. The rest of the songs follow suit, melding together this mix of styles to create something quite interesting. It will certainly be interesting to see where the band go in the future, with a similar musical path to the likes of Brand New predicted by us. Nothing Like You is a little different from the rest of the songs here, with the slow ballad being a welcome break from the crashing songs on either side of it. It is a little cheesy at times, but that comes with the territory, and it certainly isn’t the worst offender we’ve heard.

Elements of funk, metal, and indie also abound on this EP, leaving the listener patiently wondering what is going to come next. It’s good to hear Home Wrecked attempting to mix things up in a genre that has become somewhat stale at times, and we can’t wait to see what they produce next time around.


Try What You Want, Just Make Sure it Works by Home Wrecked is out now.