Jade Helliwell – Infatuation

Infatuation is the latest EP to be released by rising star Jade Helliwell, a singer-songwriter that we’ve featured many a time on York Calling.

By Jane Howkins

The reason for this is that she’s simply very good at what she does, and this latest EP only serves to build upon that impression.

For those uninitiated in the works of Jade Helliwell, her music veers along the country lines, with that genre seeming to be the biggest influence on the talented singer-songwriter. She even has that western lilt to her voice, with her vocals generally seeming incredibly powerful, with the tracks on Infatuation displaying this more than ever. There are moments when Helliwell walks the thin line between being great and being cheesy (shown most in Numb), but she tends to stay on the right side of that line, and it really wouldn’t be country music without a little bit of cheesiness present.


The aforementioned Numb is a slow, wistful track that opens the EP rather nicely, before delving into second song Repeat which is a bit more upbeat, containing an instantly catchy melody that will have you humming it for days on end. Tick Boom is another upbeat song, with the title of the track referring to Helliwell’s heart skipping a beat when around her beau, and final song When I’m Sleeping rounds off the album in a slower style, marking something of a loop from first track Numb.

We’ll be honest – there’s nothing here that will revolutionise the music industry. However, we don’t really think that that is Jade’s aim, and the passion shown throughout Infatuation is touching. Next time though, can we have a full length record?

Infatuation by Jade Helliwell is out 18 May 2018.