Peace, whenyoung, & Zuzu at Fibbers

It’s been three years since Peace were swelling up festival tents, turning guitar cynics into rock and roll dreamers with romantic riffs, heart-shaped lyrics and dancing drum beats.

After huge success with 2015 follow-up LP ‘Happy People’ (debut ‘In Love’ came out to rapturous hype in 2013), the band disappeared for two years, winding up at a forest farmhouse miles from civilisation. Now, they are back – as Peace 2.0; new label, new record and ready to reinvigorate their tribal young fanbase, one so loyal they’re known to sport Peace tattoos. All over.

‘From Under Liquid Glass’ was the first taste of new material. Released end 2017 to support mental health charity MQ, it is Harry’s most vulnerable statement to date – a look into his own anxiety and mental health struggles and he says, “I’ve always avoided writing about that side of me. When you’re being a front man it’s easy to put on an act”.

With festivals to headline this year and a whole new universe to impact, the boys are well and truly back in town. “We want to be bigger and shinier than ever”, says Harry.

Also playing are whenyoung and Zazu, with doors opening at 7pm on Friday 11th May. For more information and tickets, head to