Layover – Your Laughter Never Leaves

Emo pop-punks Layover recently released their new EP Your Laughter Never Leaves, following the release of two singles available on the EP, Hunger Pains, and Slumber. As stated by the band, all the tracks are about loss in some form of another, with the themes of loneliness, grief, and hopelessness being common throughout.

By Jane Howkins

Despite these themes, most of the music is upbeat and poppy, with harmonies and gang vocals intertwining with perky riffs and clean guitar melodies. It’s only when you really start to listen to the lyrics that you realise what the band are really singing about, with many an emo cliché present on each of the five songs on this EP. The band have tried to distance themselves from their older music and it’s clear that they have grown up somewhat over the past couple of years, which is truly admirable. Your Laughter Never Leaves sounds a lot more polished in terms of production, and more thought appears to have gone into the overall songwriting.

However, our main issue is that it all sounds very generic, which is a common criticism we’ve had of a lot of these more recent pop-punk acts. Poppy doesn’t always mean catchy, and there are very few actual hooks to hang onto, with many of the songs sounding indistinguishable at times. To be clear – this isn’t just an issue with Layover, but one that we have noticed with the vast majority of the bands within the new pop-punk scene, and it’s something that needs to tackled soon.

Your Laughter Never Leaves is certainly an improvement over Layover’s previous work, and that is to be applauded. Hopefully this growth can continue in the near future, as whilst there are some good ideas here, it is far too generic to constitute anything real.