Slam Dunk Interview – Can’t Swim

In honour of the annual Slam Dunk Festival next weekend, we sat down with a bunch of bands playing at the festival to get to know them a little more, and find out just why our dear readers should go and see them at the festival.

Our next chat was with Can’t Swim:

You’re playing at Slam Dunk Festival this year – are you excited?

Yes! We’re really excited for this year’s lineup and happy to be a part of
it. I played it with another band in 2015 and it was such a blast.
We’re very much looking forward to it.
How does a festival show differ from a normal gig for you, and which do you prefer? What are your favourite festivals to go to or play at?

It’s nice to feel a sense of community at festivals. To play
alongside other bands that are doing all this for the same reasons that you
are is quite humbling. It’s also a great excuse to see old friends from
around the world in one place.

Riot Fest is certainly a favorite – to attend or play.

Have you been to the festival before? What other acts are you looking forward to seeing, and who can you recommend our readers check out?

Everytime I Die and Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes. Both are incredible live bands and over the years have really refined their craft to be something very
special. To see bands like that give it their all night after night,
even after lengthy careers,  is really inspiring and definitely worth
checking out.

The Festival is now on three sites, with one in Leeds, Hatfield, and Birmingham. Which site do you think will be the best to perform in, and which are you looking forward to visiting themost?

Birmingham. Our shows there have always been great and we have a bunch
of friends who live in the area. That area of England is lovely and
always nice to visit on tour.

Are you touring alongside the festival? If so, where and when are you playing?

We have a few mainland shows prior to Slam Dunk. We’re playing at a festival called Galaxy Camp that’s held throughout Germany. The day before Leeds, we play Dover
with a terrific band called Wallflower.

Are you releasing any new music soon? If so, what can you tell us about it?

Another B-side off of Fail You Again. We also have a song called Even In Death, which
is challenging to play and sing at the same time haha.

Why do you think people should come and see you perform live, and what can people expect from your show at Slam Dunk?

We always just want kids to feel connected. Enjoy the records we put
out and come to a show to sing along and forget about all the
negatives in your lives for 40 minutes- that’s basically our job. Slam Dunk
will be just the same, and we’re lucky enough to do it alongside some other
great bands.

Any last words for the fans?

Be safe. Drink a lot of water. Make sure your mum knows where to pick
you up.

By Jane Howkins