Modern Maps – hope you’re happy

This is the debut album from Southern California’s Modern Maps is a masterpiece filled with all that was good about nineties grunge and dance, sounding fairly familiar as the first beat of Autopilot kicks in. The Killers, Blink 182, 30 seconds to Mars and Fall Out Boy – the influences are all there and the powerful voice of lead singer Trever Stewart tackles them all with ease. For those who were not born the first time round this sound is fresh, catchy, and will make you tap your feet and want to dance – for the rest of us this is a flashback to a great musical period. Everyone sounds like someone and that’s not a bad thing, and all the tracks on this album work perfectly together. This doesn’t feel like a debut album but more like an old friend who has come to your house with beer – enjoy it and dance along – you’ll be singing your heart out in no time!

By Martin Frank

Ahold Of Me is a spooky, haunting track about a guy with a mysterious virus, with the question on our lips being about his true, supernatural nature. I Feel Like A Monster Don’t Come Any Closer is fresh with a great bass rift, drum beat, and a sense of anguish in the lyrics performed by Stewart that makes this a stand out track. We can see crowds joining in, phones in the air, singing along to this track in their thousands. Night Fall (one of the pre-release tracks) is a bit too Taylor Swift for us with lyrics suiting the younger fans, whereas Shot You Down is a little more grown up, containing the lyrics “All words spoke from the barrel of a shotgun honey, and I shot you down.” It’s catchy if a little controversial. The surprising track on the album is One More Night – it’s acoustic and shows us another side of the band, again being such a great written song that will have listeners singing along in no time. It’s a loving plea from the heart, “It didn’t end right, just give me one more night.”

There are so many tracks here filled with love and the dramas of growing up. On My Own will be something everyone can associate with at some time with the message and features an encouraging and positive message that it’s okay to be on your own. Bite My Lip tackles relationship needs and leaves you wanting more. The lyrics on the whole album flow easily and we can see teenage girls and boys singing these to their hairbrushes in their bedrooms whilst listening to hope you’re happy. 

Finishing the album and rocking in last place is Something Different, and it’s filled with everything you want from a band you’ve always known but never heard of before. This is the big finish – it’s loud and makes you want to stand up and dance, with Stewart’s powerful voice crying out “I’m begging for something different now.” Sorry guys, we don’t want different – we want the same and more of it!