Vukovi – 2000 Trees Festival

In honour of the annual 2000 Trees Festival, we sat down with a selection of bands playing in order to grill them about the festival, and much, much more.

Our first chat was with Janine from Vukovi

 You’re playing at 2000 Trees this year – are you excited about that?

Absolutely, I love the demographic of people that go

How does a festival show differ from a normal gig for you; and which do you prefer?

Festivals are more challenging because you get a mixed crowd of fans; people that are curious, people that want out of the rain or people that are too fucked to know where they are. I’ve always felt that you need to put that little bit more effort in because when you step on that stage you can’t just presume that you have the audience in the palm of your hands.

Have you been to the 2000 Trees Festival before? What other acts are you looking forward to seeing; and who would you recommend our readers check out?

It’s our first time there was as performers. It set the bar high for the rest of the summer. Naturally we’re going to recommend our pals Fatherson and Twin [I’ve heard their new stuff is fucking amazing] and Creeper, because I think Will is one of the best performers in the game right now.

Are you playing at any other festivals this year? If so, which ones? And what are your favourite festivals to go to or play at?

2000 Trees is the one and only festival for us this year. We wanted to put more energy into making our comeback stuff the best it can be. We made an exception for 2000 Trees as it was one of the most memorable experiences for us last year after releasing our debut.

Are you touring alongside the festival? If so, where and when are you playing?

We might be doing a tour in October time this year.

Are you releasing new music soon? If so, what can you tell us about it?

It’s new, it will be released soon and we haven’t held back.

What would you say to recommend people to come and see you perform live; and what can people expect from your show at 2000 Trees?

I’ve never felt the need to persuade anyone to come see us. We do what we do because we enjoy doing it, and if doing that makes others get some sort of enjoyment out of it, and get away from the fucked world we live in, then cool. Our job is done as far as I’m concerned.

And any last words for your fans?

Stay weird.

By Jane Howkins