Bull, Skinny Milk, Abominable Soul, Seven Hour Darkness Invasion – The Fulford Arms

On Tuesday, three terrific acts are performing at The Fulford Arms! Head to www.thefulfordarms.co.uk for more information and tickets.
Oh lordy lordy. Bull have become something pretty special. They have undergone a terrific transformation from a band pretty much tethered to the York scene, to an international touring act. How many bands from York can say they’ve played at SXSW and toured in America? Not many, but Bull can! They bought a stinker of a tour bus, but they made it back in one piece. They’ll be fresh from their recent tour with Canshaker Pi, as we honourably welcome them back to the Behind The White Door stage for the first time in a long time. Their music has tones of Vampire Weekend, Dinosaur Jr, The Strokes, and all the rest of that good American waster rock.

Whizzing up from Brighton, like an out of control coked-up leopard, cometh Skinny Milk. A two-piece who don’t sound like a two-piece, featuring drum and bass assaults with warped vocals over the top. Playing shows pretty much every week, touring without breaks, they are pretty unstoppable. Their live show is getting them known all over the UK at the moment. Be ready to bang your head – this band is a misguided missile ready to explode in your brain.

Abominable Soul are regulars at this venue by now – you’ve probably seen them before. Their singer Thom does wonders for the music scenes in Sheffield and Doncaster. His band has the energy it takes to do that injected into it, a hot shot into it’s throbbing veins. They are a hefty live band. Big slamming riffs, anthemic choruses, fast-paced one second and then dropping into massive breakdown soundscapes the next. This is more than just a set. It’s a journey.

Seven Hour Darkness Invasion are quickly becoming a favourite at the Behind The White Door events. They present a gritty, heartfelt take on trash rock, that stands heavily against prejudice of any kind. There are messages hidden in their songs, for those who care to listen. It’s always good when a band can mix good sounds with something that leaves a mark. If you’re not afraid to be different, come down early to the show and share a moment with this band.

As always it’s free entry, but donate some dosh for petrol costs if you can. Nobody will be told to leave if they have no money, but as the bands get paid entirely by what you donate, please put something in the box!

8pm start