Conjurer – 2000 Trees Festival

In honour of the annual 2000 Trees Festival, we sat down with a selection of bands playing in order to grill them about the festival, and much, much more.

Our next interview was with Conjurer…

You’re playing at 2000 Trees this year – are you excited about that?

Yes, very much so – it’s one of those really cool, eclectic festivals that I genuinely never thought we’d get asked to do, so to actually be there is a lovely little surprise.

How does a festival show differ from a normal gig for you; and which do you prefer?

I’d go as far as to say not at all. We give the same performance to 20 people as we would to 2000 – any band that doesn’t aren’t doing it right. We don’t really go in on all of the stage-show stuff so I guess that will be staying the same too! I don’t think we’ve played enough festivals to say I have a preference either way, but there’s something satisfying about winning over a bunch of people that may not be there exclusively to see you. In fact, to be fair, that’s almost every gig we’ve ever played.

Have you been to 2000 Trees Festival before? What other acts are you looking forward to seeing; and who would you recommend our readers check out?

I’ve not actually been, no, which I’m looking forward to rectifying this year. For me, Turnstile are the biggie – I’ve been a fan for a while now and never had the chance to see them! Highlights for the weekend that you should definitely both check out in advance and go and see include: Turbowolf, Palm Reader, Jamie Lenman, Nervus, Gender Roles, Haggard Cat and Meat Wave.

Are you playing at any other festivals this year? If so, which ones? And what are your favourite festivals to go to or play at?

Yeah, we’re doing a few: UK Tech Fest, Bloodstock Festival and ArcTanGent. All three of them are incredible festivals, I’d say ATG is the one I’m most excited for. After going as a punter last year, I was determined to get a slot; the vibe is absolutely unreal. That said, I could say the same of UKTF and Bloodstock!

Are you touring alongside the festival? If so, where and when are you playing?

We’re not touring, but we are doing a few one-offs including a support slot to Frontierer in London in August; we couldn’t be more hyped for that. Frontierer are one of the most exciting, crushing bands going at the minute and this will be an exclusive UK headline show at the Boston Music Rooms. On top of that, Dice are handling ticketing duties and if you don’t know them as a company, definitely check them out: #FuckTouts

Are you releasing new music soon? If so, what can you tell us about it?

No! Well, maybe. We’re working on our Curse These Metal Hands! set for ArcTanGent, a collaboration with the incredible Pijn, and if that goes well we’d like to record it, I know Holy Roar are keen to get it out. We’re also working on album #2 that we’d like to record next year.

What would you say to recommend people to come and see you perform live; and what can people expect from your show at 2000 Trees?

We can’t stand watching a band that look bored as fuck or clearly don’t give it their all: you won’t get either of these from our set and it will certainly be a bit of a departure, genre-wise, from a lot of the other bands playing! We’re splitting our songs between ATG and 2000 Trees and will be playing a different set at both – for 2000 Trees, we’re going fucking HARD.

And any last words for your fans?

Honestly, not really. Thank you for giving a shit about this stupid band.