Grimm Grimm – York – Stocker Eyes DeadBird Wolf Solent – The Fulford Arms

The Fulford Arms are happy to welcome Grimm Grimm back to York!

London-based singer-songwriter experimentalist Koichi Yamanoha has been operating under the guise of Grimm Grimm since 2013. The project is an outlet for his fragile, otherworldly forays into baroque folk, futurist lyricism and electroacoustic oddities. Born in Tokyo, Yamanoha’s first solo record, Kazega Fuitara Sayonara, was released in late 2014 via Charlotte Courbe and Kevin Shields’ Pickpocket Records. This was followed up with his debut album, Hazy Eyes Maybe, on ATP Recordings in 2015.
His sophomore album, Cliffhanger, has been in the process of development ever since, capturing the intimate confessions, which have made Yamanoha’s live performances so tender and intense. There are opaque, semi-conscious pop reductions like Afraid or Take Me Down to Coney Island, while other tracks state their intentions with open vulnerability.
Indeed, at its most abstract Cliffhanger is like the incidental music of a 1960’s John Frankenheimer thriller, yet there are also touching and expansive minimal acoustic ballads included here.

Visuals are also provided by Daisy Dickinson, a London-based director/visual artist whose work involves experimental short film, music video, projected installation and live visual performance. She is one half of audio/visual collaboration Adrena Adrena with ex-Boredom’s drummer E-da Kazuhisa and is currently working as a visual addition to 90s post-rock group Seefeel. Dickinson’s visuals have been described as ‘magmatic and sulphurous, cosmological and transcendental, drawing attention to the wonder of the earth and our sensuality on it’.
For Grimm Grimm’s album launch tour, they will be collaborating on a special AV set with new live mixed visual material created specifically for the tour.

Tickets are £6 available from the website and venue –

Support comes from from York’s amazing Wolf Solent