Joey Costello – The Wind Blows By

This singer-songwriter from Chicago, via Nottingham, who sings soulfully from the heart about pain and love, was going to give it up before it had properly started. A chance performance at an open mic night in Nottingham three years ago changed all that and encouraged him to give up his day job and pursue his dream. He is currently touring England with his new EP, finishing in Nottingham and Sheffield.

By Martin Frank

The Wind Blows By presents us with four hauntingly dreamy tracks laced with the anguish of love, and the no frills music is simple and easy, just Joey and his guitar and a poetry book of great lyrics. The EP starts with the title track and eases into what’s to come with lines like “Wide eyes as delicate as the sea skies”, and “Let’s just stay here and watch the wind blow by,” giving us the feeling that these songs are to be shared privately with someone close, away from everyone else while the world goes by.

These are joyous sad songs.  The atmospheric and peaceful Where I used to be, looks back on lost love, “Would it be a mistake if we fell in love again?”, it is evocative and makes you think. In your eyes is filled with more soft guitar, Joey’s Falsetto voice, and heart-felt lyrics. The more you listen the more you get Joey. Butterfly gives us pain from love with lines like “I will shatter the walls of my prison cell that I’ve built out of fear,” we find him afraid to love again.

These are interesting songs – Joey’s not just another guy with a guitar, he has something to say and is someone to watch as his songs remind you of how fragile love and life is, and how often we cling on to the past when it’s the only love we have.


Stream the new EP The Wind Blows By here:
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Tour Dates: 

June 4th – Rescue Rooms – Nottingham
June 15th – Marshall Rooms – Stroud   (Supporting Gaz Brookfield)
June 22nd – Talking Heads – Southampton
June 25th – The Half Moon – London
June 27th – The Brunswick – Brighton
July 7th – 81 Renshaw St – Liverpool
July 14th – Blok Out Festival – Derby
July 20th – The Donkey – Leicester
July 21st – Splendour Music Festival – Nottingham
July 22nd – Tram Lines Fringe Festival – Sheffield