Skull – New single and limited edition album release

Following the digital release of their debut album THOUGHTS OF THE OTHERS in April, Leeds four-piece SKULL are set to officially release the double transparent orange vinyl version on 13 July 2018 via Shove It Up Your Cult Records in a limited pressing of just 300 copies. To precede the vinyl release, the band have also unveiled the video for their new single, SLEAZY, taken from the album.

You can watch the video for SLEAZY here:

THOUGHTS OF THE OTHERS may briefly acknowledge convention by including the band’s three singles to date – RPM, LIGHTSWITCH, and WHISPERS – but this is far from a typical album. It traces a journey – a seemingly tormented journey – through a seemingly tormented mind. Some songs are interspersed with narration; others flow effortlessly into each other.

There is no clear indication of whether these narrative thoughts are those of a character invented by Jonny, the lyricist and vocalist, or whether they are a true reflection of his own mind, but the emotions are palpably real. Lyrically and narratively we experience, by varying degrees, desolation, despair, paranoia, fear and isolation; leaving the thunderous riffs, the staggering drums and the skyscraping vocals to provide the joy, the elation, the salvation.

In their brief existence, SKULL have continued to harness the power and the dark humour they developed with their previously acclaimed band. Everything is released carefully, with consideration and with every fibre of their passion. There are no throwaway moments. Their debut single, RPM, was barely three minutes long but is stuffed to the brim with thundering rhythms, mesmerising guitars and a vocal that, despite its relative restraint, could and probably does strip paint from a distance.