Rebelution – Free Rein

Grammy nominated band Rebelution recently released a new album, Free Rein, and we’re pleased to say that they’ve managed to do it again, producing yet another record full of reggae jams just ripe for the summer season.

By Jane Howkins

There’s something about the band’s music that makes you feel truly alive, with a sense of euphoria present throughout, even in the rare tracks that take a melancholy turn (for example, Take On Anything). We like this, and Rebelution have a great energy to them, making what they do sound effortless – when in reality it’s probably nothing but!

What’s particularly interesting about their latest release is the fact that they’ve teamed up with two Jamaican producers on Free Rein (Don Corleon and Winta James), adding an authentic flavour to the reggae tunes. The band also fuse the reggae sound with moments of r’n’b, jazz, folk, and rock, making for a wonderful package, and one that distinguishes them from the rest of their peers.

Free Rein is undeniably a Rebelution album, and whilst they have taken steps to mix things up a little here, fans should still know what to expect. The group’s music has always been fairly well placed and whilst they might not stray too far from their own confines, that isn’t a bad thing here, as there’s no point in fixing something that ain’t broke. Another classic album for Rebelution, and one that is well worth checking out.