You Know The Drill – Selfhood

Selfhood is the latest EP to be released from pop-punk newcomers You Know The Drill, with the big question on everyone’s lips being thus – have they grown since their last release? We reviewed their debut Losing Streak back in 2016 and whilst we enjoyed it, we found it a little generic at times, so we were intrigued to check out the band’s latest record.
We’re pleased to say that we found ourselves instantly hooked upon our first listen, with opener Overcast drawing us straight in. One of the issues we have found with a lot of the modern pop-punk bands is that they seem to lack a sense of melody (ironic for the genre, right?), but Selfhood shows a band that have moved away from that trope, with every track on the EP having an incredibly catchy hook to it.
Most of the tracks on here are pop-punk bangers, aiming to set the band alight. However, Blossom acts as the typical acoustic track, and whilst these type of songs can often sound a little whiny, it’s perfect here. Another interesting twist for the EP is that it also sees guitarist Luke Astley joining Benji Yapp on vocals, adding another dimension to the band’s music. Harmonies are a must for a pop-punk band, and the addition of another voice really helps to add a feeling of maturity to their music.
We’re really, really impressed by the progress You Know The Drill have made, and we can’t wait to see what they can do with a full length release. These guys really aren’t as big as they deserve to be, and we can guarantee they have what it takes to be stars in the pop punk world. If you’re into this genre at all, then you should find something to enjoy on Selfhood.