Maypine – Bend/Break

This guitar band heralds from Brighton but musically they’re fully, thrashy, head shakingly West Coast American. It’s impossible not to be reminded of You and me at six, My Chemical Romance, early Fallout Boy mixed with a little Linkin Park. In fact, there are so many bands Maypine sound like that they leave you feeling like this blend of music is simply Maypine. There are no musical surprises here, just the comfort of hearing four great songs filled with thrashy power chords and great lyrics.

By Martin Frank

The EP starts with Give, a no-nonsense track and Jason’s easy vocals tempt us with lines like “Split myself apart like a jigsaw puzzle, give away every single piece until I have nothing left to give.” It’s fresh and familiar and makes you want to sing along. After listening to the whole EP many times, it becomes a real grower.

Kodokushi has a great feel and a rhythm that will make you want to jump and dance about, and is a song with a message, “everybody needs to feel that they have a place of their own”. It’s deep and heartfelt because we all need to feel safe and secure. We all need someone – the track yearns for us to make amends and be good to each other, which is better than Kodokushi which translates as dying alone.

Weather is a very pop rock tune, even giving off teen music vibes with pleading lyrics like “I don’t want to make this personal,” and “I need you by my side”. It makes you smile and want to jump and dance about, its catchy and fun which is what music should be.

The EP finishes with Together Alone which is a great anthem, as soon as it starts it sounds like an old favourite so you know what’s coming, making the anticipation intoxicating. It’s not new but it is refreshing, “Together we can be alone” is a great line and “Why don’t you come away with me to places I know” you’ll be singing this song from the first listen. It’s a little Nickleback in places, but has you shaking your head and smiling all the way from beginning to end.

This is a great EP for those who like a little grunge on their phones. Maypine are fresh out of the box and on their way – where they go next is going to be interesting.

Maypine Bend/Break EP will be released July 6th 2018