Discovery: Reina Mora

After living the visions of other artists as the lead singer of numerous rock, metal and electronica bands, the well-traveled, long gigging L.A. based singer-songwriter who became Reina Mora chose the perfect moniker to capture her multi-cultural background and Latin-tinged vibe she brings to her fresh brand of alternative pop. The exotic national bird of Puerto Rico – where her parents were born and she lived for several years growing up – the Reina Mora is colored blue, yellow, orange and black and is known to sing all night long.


By Jane Howkins

Winter in June is a folky, country track that rarely seems to feature a full band, unlike a lot of tracks within those genres. Mora’s vocals combine perfectly with the multiple guitar riffs that perpetuate the song. Our only criticism is that the production was a bit lacking, with some parts of the track sounding better than others.

However, that is something that can be fixed in the future – check out Winter in June below to see if you agree with us or not: