Discovery: East Row Rabble

The final single from East Row Rabble’s latest EP Good for Me is an upbeat blues-rock love song with dynamic snaps and dirty horn jams. Rabble front man Ben Drysdale actually used the song to propose to his wife on the hills overlooking Queensland’s Glasshouse Mountains underneath the giant Woodfordia sign at the Woodford folk festival.

By Jane Howkins

Whilst the band do have something of a folk feel to their music, we’re particularly reminded of the old 50s and 60s music – the track has many elements of that time period, including moments of soul, r&b, rock&roll, and jazz. It’s catchy but still has an edge to it, and it’s great to hear a band producing this type of music nowadays. We will certainly be making an effort to hear more of these guys, in the meantime check out Good For Me below: