Tangled Hair – ArcTanGent

In honour of the annual ArcTanGent Festival we sat down with a selection of bands playing in order to grill them about the festival, and much, much more.

Tangled Hair were the next band we spoke to!

The annual ArcTanGent Festival is coming up this August; are you guys excited for it? Have you ever been before, either playing or as a punter?

We are looking forward to playing the festival, it’s always a great line up. We played the festival a few years back now so it’s nice to be able to come back.

What are your thoughts on the line up this year? Is there anyone you’re particularly wanting to see or meet? And who would you recommend our readers look out for?

I would like to see Shellac, La Dispute, Mouse on the Keys and Gulfer, as well as our buddies Talons and Delta Sleep.

What is ArcTanGent like compared to other festivals? It seems to be relatively small – do you prefer playing smaller festivals or bigger ones? And which are your favourite festivals – both to play and as a visitor?

I don’t go to a lot of festivals but I’m happy to go to ArcTanGent. It’s small enough that you can still find your mates if you get separated.

How do you find playing a festival differs to a normal show, and which do you prefer?

It can feel strange playing music in the middle of the day.

Are you embarking on a tour as well as playing the festival? If so, where else are you playing and when?

Festival wise, we are just doing ArcTanGent but we are touring the UK in September.

Do you have any new music set for release soon? If so, what can you tell us about that?

We released our debut album in March this year so we will be playing a lot of songs from that record.

What would you say to people to recommend them to come and see you perform at ArcTanGent?

It would be better than a poke in the eye.

And any last words for your fans?

Hakuna Matata dudes. No worries.