Ben Khan – Ben Khan

Summer has finally arrived full of surprises, we have the sun and even the football – all we needed was a great dance album to shake our booties to and here it is. This sensational funky hip swaying head shaking album is crammed full of heavy, hot, and futuristic beats to dance close to someone special with at stupid o’clock in the half light of an early morning. More than a moment in time, this album is cosmic and we can genuinely witness the birth of a star.

By Martin Frank

This is the long awaited debut album from Ben Khan following a 2014 toe-dipping EP,  with which came the pressure of releasing an album. Unlike some people who work better under pressure, Ben didn’t feel that he did. “You don’t get many chances at getting it right,” he commented at the time and so took some time away to get his head in gear to present us with what we think is a very complete album. Not since Bjork’s debut album have we found such a polished first album, by coincidence Spike Stent has mixed this album and Bjork is one of the artists he regularly works with.
So, what does the album sound like? It pulses from track to track like its alive, crammed full with emotion, passion, and love – there are funk riffs here that make you almost expect Justin Timberlake to slide across the stage towards you, gently tipping his hat. There are modern dance tracks that remind you of Calvin Harris, there are epic synthesizers building cathedrals of sound like John Foxx, and even a taste of Jean-Michel Jarre in places but better and always, forever making you want to dance and sing your heart out.
2000 Angels is a show stopper. Ben created and directed the video, he plays all of the instruments on the album too; in fact there is nothing that he can’t do, except maybe believe in himself a little more. Go and watch the video and be absorbed into the dystopian ecstasy it evokes, be swallowed up by the music and get lost in it because it’s a place you truly want to be.
Tracks like Do It Right are slow and moody, taking you to the dark corner of the club where you want a private dance, whilst others such as Monsoon Dream are lighter and remind you of classic eighties tunes – it’s familiar but modern. There are similarities between tracks because this is that kind of an album, you put it on to set the mood, to create the Ben Khan world you want to be in, the last thing you want is a power ballad or a rock track to spoil the mood. Float and dance in the atmosphere created here for your enjoyment, it’s spiritual, magical and filled with gems that DJ’s will be sampling for years. This is an album to be shared with with someone you want to be close with and lose yourself in the music with, so go ahead and check it out!

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