Discovery: Beard Bates

Weasel Sleeping is the second single from Beard Bates’ upcoming album The World is Blown. This alternative rock, psychedelic western track was recorded in collaboration with The Real Spooky Wilson, an outfit that features Bates, drummer Kevin Figueiredo and bassist Chris Mckee.

By Jane Howkins

It’s hard rock meets country, and it surprisingly works well. Usually this sort of stuff ends up sounding very post-grunge (not always great in our opinion), but Bates has managed to avoid those trappings, and Weasel Sleeping makes for a fantastic listen. There’s also something that reminds us a little of the so-called ‘desert rock’ artists such as Queens of the Stone Age, with a psychedelic element running throughout the track.

Beard Bates’ music is a little different to the rock norm – take a listen below and find out for yourselves!