The Flatliners – Mass Candescence

Up and coming punk group The Flatliners recently released a new EP titled Mass Candescence, and we knew immediately that we had to check it out! Our findings are below…

By Claire Jefferson

Lead track The Arousal Of Repair is a disappointingly slow and tame track unfortunately, which has more of a folk feel to it than we were expecting. It surprised us that this was the first track on their new EP as it isn’t really representative of the Flatliners and their sound – and this reviewer has seen them a number of times over the last ten years. It’s not a bad track as such, it just sounds a bit bland and reminded us of telephone hold music!

Luckily things didn’t continue down that path as second track Moves Too Quickly has a lot more energy and passion about it, with frantic sixteenths being played on the hi-hat cymbal and powerful melodic vocals. Closing track Wide Eyes is a mature slice of arena-friendly pop rock – an arena that the band have strayed into before. On the whole this release is unlikely to win them over many new fans, however we’re sure that collectors will be eager to track it down. We would see them again live, but not just off the back of this release. Check out their other stuff first, and then come back.