Youth Fountain – Youth Fountain

This explosive guitar band from Vancouver fill a self-titled EP with five songs to bend your ears and blow your mind with the familiar sound of Blink 182 and My Chemical Romance – to mention just a few. Still fledgling, these Canadians (like most new bands) have to sound like someone else before they build a following and develop their own sound, and this doesn’t happen overnight. They’re classed as a punk band, but they can be found on Spotify under the playlist Pop Punk’s Not Dead.

By Martin Frank
Rose Coloured Glass bursts into life and the video on Youtube is worth a watch as it gives us an insight into how they look and perform, as well as providing us with a narrative behind the song. Worried screams out the angst that they share with their generation.

Complacent erupts with great, powerful, thrashing drums is another energetic song sounding new but familiar and retro with lyrics screamed out to a waiting audience there is a similarity typical to all of their songs. Grinding Teeth builds to a crescendo and we’re again blasted by skilled guitars, thrashing drums, and screamed lyrics. Youth Fountain are an excellent sounding pop rock band – they’re fun and talented and their EP is a bouncing, jumping work out to make you sweat and scream. Our hope is that as they grow and develop that they find their own sound.

Blossoms has a sample with a newscaster saying “…you don’t have to be perfect, you only have to be good enough.” We disagree when it comes to new bands – the world is full of bands that are good enough, to make it to the big time you have to be perfect and that takes time and skill. Youth Fountain have the skill to fly, let’s see what happens with time.