Israel Nash – Lifted

Lifted is the latest release from singer-songwriter Israel Nash, with his cosmic style of americana being just what the world needs right now. Whilst we’re currently living in a very pessimistic world at the moment, Nash has an optimistic style to his music, which some may find very welcoming at this moment in time. It certainly seems like a summer record (if such a thing exists), so this is definitely the right time for Lifted to be released.

By Jane Howkins

Lifted sees Nash taking more of an active role in his songwriting. Whilst Nash has always been fairly talented in this regard, it is more obvious than ever, and his songs have improved on that basis. The style is still pretty similar to his usual work, but the country infused rock and roll that he usually plays has been improved tenfold, and the additional americana and folk elements present here are very welcome.

This is the sort of album that requires a few listens to fully get into it, as at first things do tend to sound rather samey. However, if you stick with it, then there will suddenly be a moment of clarity, and all will fall into place and start to make sense. Nash has also added a selection of strings and horns into the mix, making for something much more expansive than one might usually expect from his work. The arrangements have been expertly crafted and never sound too much, and it’s clear that a lot of effort has been put into making Lifted a whole and cohesive album.

Lifted is a much more poetic album than fans may be used to hearing from Israel Nash, but that’s definitely a good thing. This is the sound of an artist improving and growing as his music career progresses, and is something that all artists should aspire to create.