The Split Seconds – Counterfeit Reality

Classic punk band The Split Seconds recently released a new album titled Counterfeit Reality, with the album focusing on the life of the band growing up within their native city of Washington D.C. As any old punk will know, the city has become something of an icon for those into that style of music, with the hardcore scene (and much of the typical punk ethos) originating from that area back in the 80s. The Split Seconds seem to have captured that feeling well, and for this they should be applauded.

By Jane Howkins

Counterfeit Reality is a little different to their previous work, mixing in elements of reggae, surf music, and rockabilly into their usual punk sound to create something slightly different from the norm. The Split Seconds are obviously still a punk band, but they’ve grown, which is good in a genre that often has a habit of staying the same. There are some ‘punk purists’ who may scoff at this, but if you’re into the genre and have an open mind, then this should appeal to you.

There is a poppy element to the tracks on the album, with melodic hooks and catchy lyrics running throughout. Whilst some may be put off by this, we think it’s a great addition, opening the band up to a world of new fans. The lyrics may portray a political message, but these tracks are also perfect for dancing to, again showing a good mix of styles for the band.

Counterfeit Reality shows a punk band attempting the impossible – a mixture of styles old and new. However, whilst it may seem like an impossible task, it’s something that The Split Seconds have managed to achieve, and that’s to their credit. Whilst the production could do with a slight touch up, the band have managed to produce something here that should appeal in different ways to most fans of the punk genre.