Chilly Gonzales releases new single and announces Leeds date

Pretenderness is dedicated to the 19th-century German female pianist and composer Fanny Mendelssohn, an inspiring woman whose body of musical work was mostly hidden in her brother’s Felix Mendelssohn’s body of work, since, at the time, she was not allowed to have a profession simply because she was a woman.

“Underdogs are the greatest inspirations for all of my dedications, people who were boxed in, who, due to the time they lived in, and the unwritten and unfair social rules, kept them from reaching their full potential” says Chilly Gonzales.

A direct amalgamation of the words pretend and tenderness, the song’s title also nods to a wordplay that seems to take on more meaning as the two words mingle.

“Fooling yourself into having certain feelings is something most humans can relate to, and that’s another spot where this song’s inspiration begins” he adds.

Pretenderness is the third song from the album that completes the Solo Piano trilogy and follows Blizzard In B Flat Minor, dedicated to Conchita Cintrón, and Present Tense, dedicated to Thomas Bangalter.

“The music of Solo Piano III is not an antidote for our times, it is a reflection of all the beauty and ugliness around us” – Chilly Gonzales.

Chilly Gonzales will be playing at the Howard Assembly Rooms in Leeds on September 8th.