Powersolo – Bo Peep

Dust off your Blue Suede Shoes and comb your hair into a quiff because it’s rock n roll time, Daddy Oh! This rockin’ group from Aarhus, Denmark led by front man Kim Jeppesen and his brother Bo have re-kindled rwith a bit of punk and a lot of good old Rock and Roll music into a feast of crazy foot tapping, shoulder-shaking brand new tracks.

By Martin Frank

Bo Peep is a treat that makes you want to dance, be free and not worry about the man. Starting with What’d She Say, we’re instantly thrown into their twisted, punked up rock ‘n’ roll style and ready to party. Ána Bhebak is worth a watch on Youtube, you’ll be hard pushed to find better dad dancing, but the music is cool with heavy bass fifties style guitar rifts that transport us to another time. This band works because they are fun, they’re enjoying it and they’re not taking themselves too seriously.

Fifteen Minutes is haunting, and sounds like a disjointed Buddy Holly on crack, it’s modern with a creepy feel as Kim cries out “I just need those fifteen minutes alone.” Yeah guys better give him his fifteen minutes. Absinth, not surprisingly is a little strange, and with a slight echo to the vocals we end up with a crazed monologue to rockin’ guitars which keep starting and stopping. It becomes just one gear away from becoming a mosh pit classic played live, however this may well fulfil the potential of the song as Kim sings “I was almost in heaven, or at the gates at least,”

The tracks just keep coming and they’re getting better, Lonely Gal, is more of an upbeat sound, almost a jive track with a spooky Tom Waits style voice in the background. Try Another Town, is considered, well played, and sounds like a theme song from an American TV show. Bo Peep just keeps on giving. Kim shows us a more serious side to their songs with Lost Angeles, his vocals are mean and moody revealing his true crooner side where the “Gamblers in the back room smoking big cigars,” and then we’re back into a crazy rockabilly strut of Tornado. The album finishes with When She Falls and we think it’s their best track, it has a real Doors feel to it and is cool and brooding.

This is an album of surprises, with great tracks reminiscent of Duane Eddy, Buddy Holly, The Cramps, the B52’s and even the Stray Cats at times, its old school but fun and exciting, and you have got to watch them on Youtube to get their message or better still live, as they’re touring this year in the U.K.