Polish Club – Alright Already

Polish Club are a rock band from Australia, going down the somewhat fashionable route at the moment of being a duo, with the two members respectively playing the drums and guitar. Despite the humble size of the band, they have managed to create something utterly rocking here, and at times it is surprising that there are only two of them, as their size certainly doesn’t seem to have limited them in any way.

By Jane Howkins

The band utilise a number of different genres within their music, drawing from the realms of rock, garage, punk, surf-rock, and even a bit of the psychedelic stuff from the 60s, showing  a band well versed in their music theory. The guitar riffs are also rather impressive, showing a sense of groove and melody that a lot of similar bands seem to forget about. The vocals are suitably gruff, adding a sense of harshness (in a good sense) to the smooth riffage.

At times things do get a little samey, which would be out main complaint about Alright Already, but give it a few spins and it will grow on you. We particularly encourage our readers to listen to the whole album as a cohesive whole, as it does change towards the end, providing a different insight into the band. Divided is a much more stripped back affair, with a slow build up into an intense climax. My Delight sees the band going in a folky direction, with a complete genre shake-up occurring. This isn’t a bad thing though, and it works surprisingly well. The last track on the album is Red River Rock, a cover of the classic 1950s tune by Johnny and the Hurricanes, which works far more than it should do, and showcases a different side to the band.

Polish Club have created a very impressive debut here, and it’s great to see such a variety of styles in the music of a modern rock band. We would like to hear them going down this route more in the future, and think they have the skills to truly change the rock world and bring the genre back into fashion.