With Confidence – Love & Loathing

Love and Loathing is the latest record to be released from pop-punkers With Confidence, with the album set to push them into the bigtime. Having listened to the album a few times, it seems to us that the band have what it takes to raise their status quite considerably.

By Jane Howkins

The album manages to avoid the common pop-punk trope at the moment of not actually being catchy or memorable (work that one out, folks!), with catchy hooks littered throughout the record, with the band having an obvious talent for creating great melodies and harmonies. This is actually the band’s sophomore release, which can often be rather troubling when a band has had a good response to their first album. However, With Confidence have put all doubts aside with the release of Love and Loathing, as there are lots of signs of maturity present throughout the record.

It’s actually poppier at times than fans may be used to, but we don’t think there’s anything wrong with pop music if it’s done right, and it must certainly has been done right here. They’ve actually reduced their number to being a three piece since the last time around, but if anything that seems to have only invigorated them more and made them stronger as a band, as everything sounds very tight. The production is quite clean, and at times it may sound slightly too overdone (which may put off some fans), but when the songwriting is this good it’s just a slight issue, and one that we won’t dwell on too much.

Love and Loathing shows With Confidence as a band that have listened to their critics and improved upon their sound in almost every way imaginable. It’s a great pop-punk record, and whilst some may find it a little too poppy for their liking, that doesn’t mean it’s bad by any means. It’s nice to hear a band in this genre that actually has hooks – if you’re into pop-punk in any form you should get this.