Justice – Woman Worldwide

Woman Worldwide is the new release from dance group Justice, with the album actually being a re-release of sorts. Essentially, it’s a new live studio recording of their 2016 album Woman, with an extra ten tracks from across their lengthy career added on, making this something of a greatest hits compilation.

By Jane Howkins

The tracks chosen to appear here are certainly some of the better ones from across Justice’s career, and the reworked tracks do stand out – for the most part. It’s interesting to hear a group come back to their own tracks and change them in such a way, providing something of an insight into their mindset. It’s quite common for musicians to release an album and then say years down the line that they wished they could edit it, so perhaps the tracks on Woman Worldwide could be considered to be the definite versions.

The real question here is whether this is worth buying for current fans. Whilst it’s a good album, and one that shows the best of Justice, fans who already own Woman may feel like this isn’t worth their pennies, despite the fact that the versions here are a little different. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad release by any means, but it’s worth weighing up whether it can provide anything new for you, or if it’s all just the same old shtick.

Whilst long term fans of Justice may feel they have heard all this before, the new versions of the tracks from Woman are rather interesting, and do add something new. However, we reckon this might be a better album for newbies to check out, as it acts as a compilation of sorts, with some of the best tracks from their career included as well.