Fie!Fie!Fie! – No Light For Lies

This foursome from Batley are back with a storm of an album presenting a range of musical styles with great skill and entertainment value, powered by the seemingly limitless voice of Daniel Varley who takes us on a ten track musical journey.

By Martin Frank

Filled with little pleasures this album starts with an instrumental to set the scene and introduce us to their sound – intro Venus is a retro prog-rock track and the instrumentals are something that’s recently making a bit of a come-back in the musical world.Then seamlessly we’re in and onto a pop track called Edge of Space, which has a great eighties feel to it and introduces us the range of Varley’s vocals. It’s clever, punchy and has a haunting, funky tune that makes your head sway and feet tap.

Hit the Spanish Main does everything that you’d expect and it’s a stand out track, with Pete Long’s acoustic guitar filling the room with a gloriously Spanish sound that does everything but the Flamenco. The vocals make you want to join in and the sweet guitar squeals in the background sound like Santana himself has joined the party making you want to dance.

The band then strips back to just a guitar and vocals for Everything I Told You, which is very catchy, encouraging you to sing along to the lyrics. As the track builds and builds we find ourselves in a lighter modern dance folk section of the album which is refreshing and gives you time to feel the songs, and in doing so enjoy them better. Famous Liars takes us back to the sixties with haunting whistling in the background – it’s a track that will get under your skin and stay in your head.

Out of nowhere Bloody Lane explodes with a battle cry of a song that reminds us of early U2 and feels like an anthem to get your teeth into, showing us yet another side of this great band. Then we wind down a little with another folky guitar number, Bleeding Obvious, which is modern folk – although not in a hippy way.  It’s a song with a message, but we guess that’s ‘bleeding obvious’. Then we finish off with another great rock track called Outrospective and we’re left wanting more.

Fie!Fie!Fie! are fun, exciting and have a lot more to give. They’re still dipping their toes musically but they are growing with each track and while they’re crossing over between many musical genre’s their sound still manages to keep fresh and the album is well worth a listen. You’ll find that your favourite changes as you listen to them again and again, and that gives the album longevity. They’re a talented band on their way up – watch this space as there’s a lot more to come!