Dylan Earl, Boss Caine, Charlie Tophill, Rivers Johansson, Stan Smith – The Fulford Arms

Wowee, yippee, yeehaw, whipass.

We met Dylan Earl in America, his bandmate Dick Darden was putting on a RAD house show in Arkansas and invited us to play, along with HIGH WAISTED, Cold Fronts, and The Phlegms who ROCK!

Anyway, there was this really handsome, stylish, cool, manly looking cowboy hanging around. It was Dylan. He taught us that it was okay to shout “that’s Arkansas football” at the tv even if it’s a basket ball game. He taught us to “crush brews” and to “whipass”. And now he’s come to teach us about real country music. Not the stuff about pick-up trucks and how to be racist, but the real stuff. The good stuff.

Support (in no particular order) comes from:

Boss Caine: Does he need an introduction?

Charlie Tophill: That’s right, the singer from Curtis Eller’s American Circus here in YORK!

Rivers Johansson: An act from Hull that band Black Kes recommended, so we’re looking forward to seeing it.

Stan Smith: The man, the myth, the legend. Playing music from his rich past.

All this for £5 WHAT??

The gig will be held at The Fulford Arms on Sunday 19th August.

For more info and tickets head to www.thefulfordarms.com