Joey Dosik – Inside Voice

Inside Voice is Joey Dosik’s debut album, showing the singer-songwriter to be a musician of the highest calibre, with the tracks on the record portraying an artist that is tremendously skilled and passionate about the style of music he creates.

By Jane Howkins

Dosik’s style is probably best described as being within the soul genre, with luscious strings and funky bass rhythms accompanying his soulful vocals. Lush instrumentation follows the musician’s vocals on each track, with multiple layers to be found within. This is the sort of record that will keep on unleashing new things upon the listener over repeated listens, and each listen just makes it sound better and better.

Something that’s quite interesting is how Dosik mixes together sounds old and new. Soul is one of the oldest styles within the American musical canon, and has a long history. On Inside Voice, older elements are mixed in with new styles, and whilst it never strays too far from the soul canon, there is enough here to make older and younger fans take notice. The gospel elements are particularly enticing, with Stories displaying this in good fashion.

Dosik also shows that he is skilled at writing ballads and more upbeat tracks. One example of the former is Take Mine, which starts off with a beautiful piano melody underlying the singer-songwriter’s sultry vocals. Later on, In Heaven shows a much more upbeat side of Dosik, with a backing beat that wouldn’t be out of place in a 50s rock and roll tune. It’s this variety that really appeals to the listener, providing something different in each track and each repeated listen.

If you’re a fan of soul music of any era, then Joey Dosik’s latest album Inside Voice should appeal to you in some way. There’s a lot here to love and it’s certainly very accomplished for a debut record, much to Dosik’s credit.