The Coral – Move Through The Dawn

When The Coral first emerged way back when, they were a staple of the indie rock scene of the naughties. Since then, they’ve distanced themselves from that era, with Move Through The Dawn being extremely different from the music they were making when they first emerged in 2002. This is largely a good thing, seeing the band shaking off the indie landfill title that so many of their peers gained, with this album instead showing a band and their influences, with the most present ones being the rock bands of the 60s and 70s.

By Jane Howkins

If you’re a fan of that era, then you will enjoy this. Sure, it’s a modern version of that style of rock music, but it’s as close as can be, with the production having that distinctive sound to it. At times we’re reminded of the later offerings from The Beatles, and other moments remind us of artists such as Blue Oyster Cult. It’s hard to put your finger on it, but The Coral have managed to perfectly capture the feeling of that era, which is something to be admired. Ironically, by taking on the sounds of another decade they have managed to sound unique, as this sort of music isn’t really that popular anymore.

Their songwriting has definitely matured and there are darker themes at play here, both in terms of the lyrics and some of the sinister riffs at play. Strangers in the Hollow features a dark bass riff that almost sounds like it accompany a disco tune, and the title of the track alone conjures up black thoughts. There’s also a great sense of melody at play throughout the whole album, with lovely harmonies being the name of the game on most of the tracks. Organ riffs combine with cool guitar licks to make something very special in this day of age, and it all sounds so effortlessly perfect when put together.

Move Through The Dawn is a fantastic album, and one that breathes life into a band that could have gone down the path that many of their indie peers went down – the path of failure. We’re pleased to announce that The Coral have managed to reinvent themselves in a very successful manner, and we can’t wait to hear how they will manage to change their sound in the future.