Counterparts – Private Room EP

Canadian hardcore band Counterparts are about to release a new EP, titled the Private Room EP. Despite it only containing three tracks, the EP is certainly one of the better releases of the genre, and the short nature of the songs will leave fans gasping for more!

By Jane Howkins

The hardcore genre has gotten itself a bad reputation of late, with the naysayers complaining that the genre has gotten stale. Whilst it’s never been the most experimental of musical styles we have tended to agree, but Counterparts show that there is life in the old dog yet. This reviewer has never been a massive fan of screaming vocals but it’s certainly possible to appreciate the talent here, and there’s so much more going on in the background of the music that even if this isn’t your usual style of music, you should still be able to objectively listen and find something of worth.

Some of the guitar riffs are very interesting and whilst it’s actually our least favourite track from the EP, we found We Forgive to be rather intriguing, as it’s performed in a major key and has quite a happy, almost pop-punk tone to some of the guitarwork. (which is something quite unusual for this genre). Counterparts are obviously a band not afraid to try something different, and this is something to be commended – we’ll be checking these guys out again in the future!