The Blinders – Columbia

Columbia is the debut album from new rock band The Blinders, showing to us that perhaps rock isn’t dead, as some of the naysayers have been quoting!

By Jane Howkins

It’s a really impressive debut, and we actually found ourselves feeling suitably shocked after our first listen at how accomplished it sounds. The band make indie rock music that is supercharged and political, with groovy yet raw riffs filling each song on the album. It’s raw but the production never sounds too fuzzy, with it all sounding pretty damn perfect to us.

Numerous topics are displayed within the lyrics, with a political backbone seeming to run through the album as a whole. This is a band that are angry, and that emotion can clearly be felt on most of the tracks. We can actually see this putting some people off as it does come across as being a little strong at times, but that’s a good thing in our eyes, especially considering how passionless the music industry can sometimes be.

What also struck us were the chord progressions and riffs used within the tracks. Whilst each song appears to have a particular melodic theme running through it, the riffs use notes and melodies that are a little different to the norm. There’s an almost eerie feeling to a lot of the songs due to this, with some similarities to be found within the desert rock musical canon. With all this combined together, there’s something almost Orwellian about Columbia, and it really makes The Blinders’ music seem distinct from their peers.

Columbia is a fantastic album, and one that also has a cohesive theme running through it – something that a lot of artists lack nowadays. The Blinders manage to mix catchy melodies with groovy riffs and a political temperament that demands to be heard, and we’re happy to say we cannot wait to see where they go next.