Parker Lee, Being A Tiger, Worm, Loverman – The Fulford Arms

A bit of trashy grungy love coming up on the 5th of September.

Parker Lee are led by the formidable Jowan Mead and also now feature Annie Prior on the drums (the guitar player from 7 Hour Darkness Invasion). The band describes itself as a “garbageshop quartet” which actually quite accurately sums up their sound. It’s got elements of lovely dirty trash, splodges of grunge, but the overall vibe is punk. Not punk in the traditional sense, but punk in the sense that this band is something different and a total free spirit.

Being a Tiger approached the pub for a gig, and they said yes! These guys hail from Huddersfield and Leeds and play scorching grungy proggy wondertunes. There’s a lot happening in this band. From the raw riff power of Biffy Clyro, all the way through to the downright rough of Wet Nuns. There’s also flashes of Tool hanging about in their sound, if you listen hard enough! Come along and see for yourself!

Worm have been added to this show! They are the returning York champions of trashed-up rock! Expect big riffs, bigger vocals, and a performance that will leave you shattered. Fans of Dinosaur Jr will not be disappointed with the skills on display here!

After a successful first gig here recently, Loverman are going to open this one up for us. They take their name from the Nick Cave song, and go almost as dark as the man himself. Nathan Foley leads this dynamic duo. There are no examples of their work online yet, so you’ll just have to come along and make your own mind up about them.

£4 OTD
8pm start.