Reckless Pray for Hayden Woke Up Dead Zac Roughton – The Fulford Arms

We are happy to welcome Belgium punk rock band Reckless! with support from Pray For Haydn and Woke Up Dead.

Some say, if you don’t want to have 72 orgasms at once, you should at least stay 5 meters away from them. Reckless! is a Belgian punk rock band proving that punk rock is not dead. Robin Vanrietvelde (vocals, guitar), Robin Vandeneede (guitar, vocals), Anton Valcke (drums) and Koen Carbonelle (bass) love nothing more than to kick ass. They are school buddies and long time friends before they started Reckless!. Their first performance (September 2014) was a succes and gave birth to a new punk rock generation. Followed by their debut album Young And Retarded (2016). Reckless! is a combination of fast punk rock and even faster punk rock, with an all round acceptable sound. Often described as the child of NOFX and Bad Religion and known for their humility, they often struggle with women spontaneously getting pregnant by their fertility.

They played with Lyon Estates last year and heard such nice things about York that the have decided to come and visit.

Pray For Hayden are a 4-piece, anthemic pop-rock band from Leeds, UK with a signature sound that mixes elements of rock, punk, pop and indie. Imagine if Wham were to have children with The Clash, now imagine that they forced these children to listen to The Cure constantly. Well that’s one way to describe their sound!

An unlikely, chance meeting between 3 time travellers led to the formation of Woke Up Dead in the latter mid, early first half of the late middle 32nd century. A mutual love of swear words and prescription pain medication is what brought them together, but the desire to play 2 minute punk songs in a far flung dystopian future is what kept them together.
Now, back in the early middle half of the start of the late early 21st century, Woke Up Dead are here to (very politely) take over. And by ‘take over’ we mean play 2 minute punk songs.


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