Powersolo – The Lantern, Halifax

Opening tonight for Powersolo were Bones Shake, a Manchester trio that screamed the audience into submission with a demonic burst of vocals, shaking the room and filling it with a cacophony of psychedelia and old-style rhythm and blues.

Photos & review by Martin Frank.

Playing a set based round their latest EP Funbox they dominated the stage with their possessed front man dancing and screaming the lyrics from Cop, Liar and Devil giving us one hell of a performance. Their style and songs were catchy and mesmerising, with Bones Shake showing us that they were no support but were instead ready to be the main event, with heads waving, arms twisting, and hips shaking they produced a first class show to a sadly limited audience. They took us down to America in the early sixties on an LSD trip, with a sidestep into the seedy side of Los Angeles. Check out their music and look out for them live – if crazy, psychedelic blues is your thing then you won’t be disappointed. You can catch them at The Fulford Arms with King Brothers later on in October.

Then it was time for Powersolo. Rebels with a cause, they bring with them the true spirit of rock ‘n’ roll, and just as we had hoped it was a show filled with humour, style and just a hint of the American dream. Lead man Kim Jeppesen’s charismatic style commanded the stage captivating the audience – he was naturally funny and relaxed on stage, playing songs from a twenty-one year back catalogue he truly rocked The Lantern in Halifax. “Here’s another number one hit,” Kim cried as the band burst into another rockin’ tune. They turned three-minute songs into ten-minute tunes, playing with the comfort and ease of virtuosos on cocaine, their experience showed as they teased their songs in directions that you simply don’t get on their albums. These crazy Danes love playing live and it shows, with them performing their tracks so far off piste that we were left wondering if it was a fresh tune or the same one, until they eventually brought it all back.

Powersolo are an insane rockabilly, punked up rock ‘n’ roll band that are tighter than a Yorkshireman’s wallet. Their albums are epic, echoing a modern twist on the heydays of rock ‘n’ roll but actually seeing them (as Eddie Cochran would say) is something else. If you like live music with a touch of craziness then you can’t get much better than Powersolo. We reviewed their latest album BO-PEEP last month and it’s a masterpiece, and watching them live was a pleasurable insanity. If you get the chance, treat yourself  lose yourself in their unique rock ‘n’ roll world.