The Faim – Summer Is A Curse

The Faim are a band that have rapidly built their stature over the past couple of years, making it extremely impressive that they’re only finally releasing their debut EP, Summer Is A Curse, this month.

By Jane Howkins

They’ve toured with a number of pop-punk bands and have been associated somewhat with that scene, but we wouldn’t really put them there if we’re honest. Their music is more pop-rock, with an emphasis squarely put on the pop. Whilst this may make some of our readers groan, we’re happy to say that The Faim’s music is actually rather catchy, and it’s the good form of pop music.

The album was produced by John Feldmann and it does have the typical Feldmann sound to it that seems to come about on the records he works on, sounding slightly overproduced at times. The songwriting talent on the EP is also rather impressive, with members of Fall Out Boy, Blink 182, and All Time Low jumping on board to write with the band. Whilst this has led to some fantastically catchy songs, it’s somewhat disappointing to see a band so new on the scene delegate so much of their songwriting to others. We wonder what it would sound like if they had written all the songs themselves, and we would be intrigued to find out how much of each track was written by The Faim, and how much was written by those big names.

This really is our main issue with Summer Is A Curse. The tracks here are good, and those of you that are into pop-rock or the softer version of pop-punk will enjoy this, but we can’t help but feel that the whole thing sounds a little bit staged. A huge amount of effort has obviously gone into the writing and recording of this EP, but it would be nice to see how the band sound away from their team. Maybe next time eh folks?