Emma Blackery – Villains

Emma Blackery, a renaissance woman from Basildon, Essex – being a singer song/writer is just one of the strings to her heavily strung bow. Villains is her debut album, but you’d never know that because it’s a perfectly polished gem filled with little lyrical surprises and musical moments. Starting with the title track she teases us with a dark track that is a little Lana Del Ray with a feel that is both interesting and moody before she starts jumping around the bedroom singing into her hairbrush to light sing-a-long songs that you just can’t get out of your head.

By Martin Frank
Once we find the pop songs you know that there are teenage girls who will know every word to every song on the first listen. The tracks are catchy, even if a little dark in their theme. Petty is wonderfully written, and even a little Justin Bieber at times, but it’s still clever. All the songs sound like they could be singles, which is an amazing achievement.

The title track is a stand out number for us and we think that it shows us a future direction for Emma, without a doubt her fans will love the rest and being a blogger with over 1.4 million subscribers and 131 million video views she knows her market well – this will be a hit. To be fair to Emma the blogger, this album is a stand-alone piece of work and the army of fans that are ready for this will not be disappointed. She can only add to her fan club which again for a debut album is a crazy thing, no thanks to the internet and Emma’s limitless talent. Check this out before she becomes a sensation.