Thrice – Palms

Post-hardcore band Thrice recently released their latest album Palms, and it’s a little different from their previous work. Whilst there’s nothing here that has been drastically changed, the band’s sound has left the post-hardcore stable and has moved across to a more alternative rock sound.

By Jane Howkins

When Thrice first burst onto the scene in the early naughties they were aligned with a lot of the post-hardcore bands from that era, and whilst they did have some similarities, they always felt a little different to us. Here the band have gone down a different route, with alternative rock and grunge elements present across the board. It’s a great sound and it does seem like a natural progression for the band – especially considering that most of their post-hardcore peers have now fallen by the wayside. The bands that did emerge successful were the ones that changed their sound, with Brand New being one such example.

At times we’re reminded of Breaking Benjamin, at others of The Foo Fighters, but Thrice still manage to sound like their own band. They’ve always been very good at sounding like themselves over the years even though they have tried to push their musical boundaries at each turn, and that’s something many bands try and fail at. Palms features crushing riffs and introspective lyrics – but what else would you expect from such a band? There’s always been something of a spiritual feel to their lyrical themes but it’s never been done in such a way to be off-putting to atheist listeners – a line that’s often hard to straddle, but one that Thrice do effortlessly.

Put simply, Palms is a fantastic entry into the Thrice canon, and one that shows a band that aren’t afraid to mix things up a little. There’s nothing here that will alienate long term fans of the band, but their music has been updated slightly and the changes are very welcome. Check this out if you’re into your alternative rock – it’s a cracking album from start to finish!