Behind the White Door #106

No drummers allowed at this one! Unless you play ’em with yer friggin’ feet mate!

About time these dead bastards did a headliner in York. This is the perfect opportunity. Slap-de-dap double bass, acoustic guitar hammering, and two vocals over the top. Yes please. Think Tenacious D playing oddball haunted rockabilly and you’re not far away from the trash that these hombres create. But don’t take our word for it! Come down and see for yourselves!

From parts unknown, weighing in at 180 pounds, it’s EL MACHO!!!! The world’s only Mexican Wrestler one-man-band. He’s got the moves, he’s got the grooves, and he’s going to powerslam you into next week mate! Never before has this venue been so chuffed about someone asking us for a gig!

Keeping in theme with the night, we’ve got Charlie Thomas winging his way down from ‘boro. He’s one bloke with a guitar. He does protopunk stuff. It’s like Buddy Holly never found The Crickets and then teamed up with Nick Cave man, we’re telling yer! Come on down and let him sing you some sweet sweet tunes.

Bubbling up from the silt of a black lagoon, it’s the debut performance of GILLMAN. His skin is green, he can breathe underwater, and he’s going to give you a dose of utter trash in the style of Lightning Beatman.

This event will be held at The Fulford Arms on Thursday 20th September.