Bike (BR), Flora Greysteel, Fawn, Neuschlaufen – The Fulford Arms

Here’s a dreamy midweek show for all your hypnotic needs.

BIKE are from Brazil and play wonderfully crafted dream pop. The sounds they manage to generate are not from this world. It’s luscious, luminous and wholesome. Their music will take you through a whole range of emotions.You will have to keep asking yourself if you are awake, or involved in a very lucid dream. Come and let them distort your reality. For one night only.

Flora Greysteel are bringing their theatrical take on music along for this ride. A large selection of genres pulsates through this band. Old-time caberet collides with sea shanties, electronica and choral elegance. This new, inventive take on pop music will make you reflect upon yourself and the world around you.

After recently releasing a single, Fawn are going to treat us to a stripped back set at this show. Guitars and vocals only. This will be a rare treat, as we will get to witness the band in a new and fascinating way. This extra level of intimacy will provide you with a form of escapism, down the rabbit hole of their sounds.

The returning champions of abstract drone, Neuschlaufen are heading back to The Fulford Arms to start this night off. This is going to get very strange and very dark. A perfect way to kiss goodbye to your sanity and take the rest of the night in.

£6 OTD
8pm start