Just About Done – Interview

We met up with newcomers to the scene Just About Done recently to chat to them about their new EP and the concept behind it. It all made for a very interesting chat – see how we got on below!

By Jane Howkins

You’ve just announced a new EP titled I Am Getting By. What can you tell us about that and what is the title a reference to?

The title is a reference to a lyric in the first single Strain. The EP is about loss and change.

We hear that you’ve made a conscious effort this time around to create a set of videos that will be used to portray a specific message. Can you elaborate that for us? What made you come up with the idea?

These videos portray a different story to what the songs are lyrically written about. We came about this alternate story when one of our band members listened and related to the songs on a completely different level to what I had written them about. This was after the recording process and it really was so amazing. I had written these songs about very specific experiences, but someone else was able to relate on an emotional level to ALL 3 songs. It really made us notice how powerful this EP was, so we wanted to team up with our incredible friends in Mind Society Studios to promote not only the lyrical story, but to visually portray the other story that had come from these songs.

Is the idea of a concept EP/album something you would want to continue in the future, or is it just a one time thing here? How different is writing such a thing compared to normal?

At the moment we would say that this concept is a one time thing, however, subject to change. We kind of just ‘fell into’ this concept and rolled with it, so who’s to say it won’t happen again? Writing the tracks was no different to any other time we have written anything, though what followed definitely was. The plan for the release and organisation of the video was certainly a lot a work, and challenged us to get really creative in areas we haven’t been before.

Strain is the first release from the EP, and there is a video to accompany that. What can you tell us about the track?

The lyrics cover themes of relationships, loss, change and realisation. They are about normal aspects of life, which always come as a shock to those who live it. The lyrics were written about very specific circumstances, but can be interpreted very differently for everyone which is why we hold these songs very close to our hearts. In terms of the videos, ‘Strain’ portrays the diminishing friendship of a group of people, without explanation. It seems the main character is being irrational, but there is more to his past.

Do you have any plans to release a full length album in the near future? If so, when do you think that would be?

At the moment we are mainly focused on releasing the rest of this EP before thinking about an album. Though it is certainly something we would be looking at doing in future!

The band’s name comes from a Blink 182 from their Cheshire Cat album. What made you pick that name? A lot of people won’t know that album – it’s quite obscure. We’re assuming you’re fans of theirs? What do you think of their latest stuff, and the addition of Matt Skiba to the band.

At the time of starting the band we were huge fans of Blink. We were thinking of names to call the band and Just About Done was said jokingly, due to the nature of the song. Though, it stuck and since then we haven’t really thought about renaming ourselves. Most people don’t make the connection to Blink-182, so we are surprised you have!

We haven’t been the biggest fans of the new era of their newest stuff, mostly because of the polished production. They do have some catchy melodies and riffs in there, but sadly it’s not really our jam!

What sort of stuff are you influenced by, and what have you been listening to recently?

We are very influenced by The Story So Far, Hellion and Trophy Eyes – as well as what ever artists we are listening to at the time of writing new music. These bands we particularly love because of their attention to detail in their songs, instrumentally and lyrically.

Do you have any tour dates planned for the UK at all? If so, when and where?

We do not, but would love to be there in the near future!

Why do you think people should come and see you perform, and what can people expect from a Just About Done show?

I think the best thing about a Just About Done show, is that most people don’t expect the way we perform. We go hard. We like to portray the feeling of our songs in our live performance. So when the emotion of a song is angry, you can bet we will be getting angry on stage and wanting you to join with us.

Any last words for the fans?

Any one interesting in keeping up with our 3 part video narrative should follow us on our socials. This will be the best place for you to find out when the next installment 1029 will be released!

Facebook: facebook.com/justaboutdoneband

Instagram: @justaboutdone

Twitter: @justaboutdoneau