The Tea Street Band – Interview

We had the opporunity to talk to The Tea Street Band recently, and found out some more information about their upcoming second album, to be released in November. Check out our interview below and find out what the band had to say!

By Jane Howkins

You have a new album coming out in November. What can you tell us about that?

This album is our second and is the follow up to our first album which was released in 2016. We have took a long time to get this album done and completed to a level that we are happy with as a band. We would have probably had the album finished a while back but things changed in the bands line up – we ended up as a four piece and had to rework the sound and what it was we wanted to do. We are releasing the album with Modern Sky who are a Liverpool label and have been pretty successful with other acts they have worked with. The album Frequency has eleven tracks on it and was written by all of us. We have all had an input, whether that be on the lyrics, the chords, or the music – it’s all of ours. The whole band worked on it.

A new track was released ahead of the album released called Feel It. Why did you decide to release that song as the stand out track, and what can you tell us about it?

It was the song we recorded first and we were in a pretty hard place as a band then. A lot had changed and Lee (the chief guitarist and electronic guy) thought it felt right. So we booked some time in the studio and recorded it. We just wanted to release some new music so we did.

Do you have any more singles planned? What makes something stand out as a single to you?

To be honest deciding on them can be hard. Everyone likes and wants different things from a song. We have planned to release a couple more from the album to try and gain some radio coverage and make people feel excited about the album.We had a couple which we knew as a band were potentially strong as singles, but we have allowed the team to decide and put it together as a big package.

The album was recorded in the Parr Street Studios in Liverpool. What was it like to record there, and how was the process compared to previous recording attempts?

Parr Street is a world renowned studio. The Coral, Vyrll Society and Doves (to name a few) have done stuff there. We have worked there in the past but the reason we were so passionate about doing the album there was because of Chris Taylor, he worked with us on the album and was perfect for what we wanted. He understood the way we wanted to work and was really, really good at driving us over the finishing line. The process was very different as we recorded it over 18 months, going in for two days here and there and going in sometimes with ideas rather than chords, before knocking them into shape and finally ending up with songs. Weirdly the album sounds quite together, like a proper album. In the past we always had the songs written, had pre-production sorted and went in and recorded it over the course of a few weeks. This new way worked way better for us!

Do you have any more tour dates lined up? Perhaps something up in the Leeds/York area?

We are playing The Fox and Newt on 24th November. That’s the only date we have at the moment but I am pretty sure we will be back doing more in the none to distant future as I think we have a good fanbase in Yorkshire. We have played Leeds Festival, Cockpit, Fibbers and Brudenell Social Club in the past and are always playing to new crowds and picking up new fans along the way. We love Yorkshire – it’s full of sound people who love and live for good music.

We hear you’ve travelled to some distances in the past whilst promoting your music, including South Korea. How was that? Do you have a big fanbase there? Where is the strangest place you’ve ever travelled on tour?

Definitely the strangest trip for us was Australia, we went with our mates The Anfield Wrap. We travelled to London then flew to Sydney, then Melbourne and home again, all within 10 days. We got back on the Friday and played Kendal Calling at midday on the Saturday – to say we were tired was an understatement but it was unreal! South Korea was superb! Absolutely lovely place with a culture we hadn’t ever experienced before. It was brilliant – we played two shows and played to good crowds who all sung our songs back to us. One day we will get back over there. Hongdae is lovely and so are the people – we were proper loved after the gig and everybody made us feel at home. We’d recommend travelling there to anyone.

Why do you think people should come and see you live, and what can people expect from one of your shows?

I don’t think there is another band doing what we do at the moment. We are very different to other Liverpool bands, although we definitely still have the edge and craft of the ‘Liverpool song’. We make people dance and feel good, try to help them forget and live for the time we are on stage. We love doing what I do, we are in a band we love with our best mates, and people will feel a part of an experience. We’ll rock your socks off with euphoric feel good music. So come along!

Any last words for the fans?

Thanks to everyone who has ordered our album, been to any of our shows, or sent us any messages on our social networks. We appreciate all the support, hopefully see you at a show soon.