Wonkystuff #12

September’s edition of WonkyStuff features potential for (in hushed tones) melodies and harmonies! I know, right? There’s still going to be some noisy noise and quite possibly some utter randomness. Come along and find out, why don’t you?

Requested admission is £4, but no-one will be turned away due to lack of funds (Come See! Come Hear!).

Performers confirmed so far:

* Ian J Cole

— Ian is a Composer, Musician and Sound Designer who has been working in the music industry since he signed his first independent recording contact in 1981. Ian’s solo music focuses on ambient electronica using a range of synthesisers and controllers to achieve this. He is a champion for the Linnstrument, a grid based musical instrument for multi polyphonic expression (MPE). Tonight however, he’s planning to play a child’s toy keyguitar…

* Home Taper

— Dystopian soundscapes and lo-fi bleeps and beats. Wringing chaos from order.

* The Smoky God

— Ritual Ambient. Live looping synth textures & shamanic percussion with disembodied voices from the other realm.
Or something along those lines. Tribal Ambient? Ritual percussion?? Labels, eh?

+ Wonkystuff staff project.

For more info head to www.thefulfordarms.com