Dario Distasi – Interview

We sat down with a bunch of bands from the Stencil label recently, with Dario Distasi being our next big hit! Check it out below and find out about the new music he has been recording and his upcoming tour dates.

By Jane Howkins

How is 2018 treating you so far?

It’s been a unique year for me, I have to say. I feel like I have come up with songs that really bring my music to a whole new level. When those songs were completed, I was lucky enough to find the right people to record and produce them with. The end of 2018 and 2019 look very promising to me!

Have you released any music so far this year? If so, what can you tell us about that?

A few months ago, I released my EP Nowhere Avenue. Some songs have a different style to what I’m writing now, I think there’s more of a rawness to them. I felt like those songs had to be released in order to properly start a new chapter, and I’m happy I’ve done that.

Are you working on any new music at the moment? What are you working on, and when will it be released?

I’m now recording my new and upcoming EP; it’s being recorded in Nashville, TN (mainly at the amazing Blackbird Studios). Part of it however, has been tracked at the Noiseboy Studios (Manchester, UK).

Have you got any upcoming tours planned? If so, where are you playing and where are you looking forward to going most?

Right now I am working on a video and a tour with some amazing musicians. The release date is not clear yet, however I really can’t wait to hit the road!

Who/what has influenced you the most as a musician?

There’s so much to say! I would definitely mention Chris Cornell: he’s been among my main influences during the last decade. However, I grew up playing many genres and that definitely left a mark.

What have you been listening to recently that you can recommend to our readers?

Recently, I really went back to the classics: I’ve had The Song Remains The Same on for a few days. A band from Manchester I really like is Lester Verde – they have some big riffs and sound great, check them out!

Why do you think people should pick up one of your records or come and see you live, and what can people expect from one of your shows?

I think my songs are both evocative and captivating. What I really care about when playing live is giving the audience an experience they will not forget, and I put every ounce of my soul into the performance.

Any last words for the fans?

I really can’t wait to meet you at one of my gigs and share good energy with you all.
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