The Story So Far – Proper Dose

Famed pop-punkers The Story So Far have just released their latest album Proper Dose, and it’s a very special release indeed! This is their first album since their self-titled record that was released back in 2015, and it’s a welcome affair after that album wasn’t received so well by fans and critics alike.

By Jane Howkins

That last album saw the band slowing things down a bit, and whilst it was good to see them showing a more mature sound to their work, it felt like a bit of a slog at times. Fans will be glad to note that Proper Dose isn’t really like that at all, with the vast majority of the tracks here being fast, up-tempo affairs. There are a couple of slow songs, but most of them are what fans of the band have grown to know and love, so there is nothing to worry about in that department.

They’re still catchy as well, and whilst the emo/pop-punk thing does sound a little dated now (the vocals tend to grate) it still works, and fans of this style of music will enjoy it. The lyrics are a little cheesy at times, but then that’s something that is expected from a band such as The Story So Far, and they’re definitely one of the better bands of the pop-punk canon. The instrumentation of their tracks has often straddled that line between hardcore and pop-punk and we’re pleased to say that this is an element of the band’s music that is still present, and it is this hard edge that manages to separate them from the rest of their peers. If they could push themselves even further towards the punk/hardcore genres then we might have something very interesting on our hands.

Whilst The Story So Far may have gone back somewhat to their roots on Proper Dose, the album still shows signs of progression and versatility. Those not into this style of music won’t like it full stop, but those open to it should find something to like here, and it’s great to hear the band experimenting in a way that doesn’t seem to restrict their sound, as their last album did. An improvement on their self-titled record, but we wonder what they could sound like if they went a little harder and faster next time around.