Albany/Buffalo, Spill Gold, The Sunset Radio head to The Fulford Arms on Sunday

Albany/Buffalo have been stoking the fires of their music for a while now. It’s about time these guys had a top spot at our venue. This show is the perfect time to do it. It’s going to be a real test for the band, which has steadily been gathering pace over the past few months. If you like Bruce Springsteen and Chameleons Vox, you’ll love these guys. It’s a clever mixture of well-drilled rock and emotive explosions.

Spill Gold are over from the Netherlands for this show. Their fantasy-tinged psych rock is sure to send you down a rabbit hole of personal discovery. This band doesn’t crate songs. It creates audiable art. It is highly recommended that you catch these guys whilst they are here.

Opening up, we have The Sunset Radio. A new band from Selby that has the seal of approval of one Jim Quinn (nee Nastic.) They describe themselves as sounding like The Gaslight Anthem. If that’s true, Yorkshire has something very special here.

£4 OTD